ISSN 03 02 4660

NJP Cover Vol 42 No 3

NJP Cover Vol 42 No 3

Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics
Volume 40 Number
4 October-December 2013

Pattern and outcome of pediatric medical admissions at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Ituku-Ozalla, Enugu: a five year retrospective review (2007 - 2011)
Chukwu BF, Chinawa JM, Ikefuna AN Emodi IJ

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Bacterial agents and sensitivity pattern of neonatal conjuctivitis in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital
Mohammed A, Asani M, Ibrahim M

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Health-related quality of life in school-aged children with and without asthma in Enugu, South East Nigeria
Ayuk AC , Oguonu T, Ikefuna AN , Ibe BC

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Factors associated with enuresis among primary school children in Port Harcourt
Paul NI, Alikor EAD, Anochie IC

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Serum vitamin A and other nutritional parameters in children with congenital heart disease
Sadoh WE, Atimati AO
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Relationship between vitamin A status and anaemia among school age children in Benin
Atimati AO, Abiodun PO, Ofovwe GE

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Hypoglycaemia at point of hospital admission of under-five children with acute diarrhoea: prevalence and risk factors
Onyiriuka AN, Awaebe PO, Kouyaté M

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Streptococcal throat carriage in a population of nursery and primary school pupils in Benin City, Nigeria
Owobu AC, Sadoh WE , Oviawe O
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Determinants of modality of management of acute kidney injury in children seen at a tertiary hospital in Nigeria
Adedoyin OT, Bello OA, Anoba S , Adebayo AT
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Serum zinc levels as a predictor of clinical features and outcome of paediatric acute lower respiratory infections in Nigeria
Ibraheem RM, Johnson WBR, Abdulkarim AA Abdulkadir MB, Oladele D, Biliaminu SA
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Normative values and anthropometric determinants of lung function indices in rural Nigerian children: A pilot survey
Oloyede IP, Ekrikpo UE, Ekanem EE
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Caroli disease in a 2 month old Nigerian-A case report
Ujunwa AF, Chinawa JM, Obidike E, Abah IU
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Adverse Drug Event From Artemether/lumefantrine Ingestion: Case Series
Chinawa JM
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Impact of childhood mental health disorders on the family: A Case report
Eseigbe EE, Eseigbe P, Nuhu FT, Sheikh TL, Majebi MA, Kalu AO, Lasisi MD , Suleiman ZT Sadiq EI, Banjo OO, Adebayo O
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Kawasaki disease: an unusual presentation in a 14-year old boy in Sokoto, North western Nigeria
Sani UM, Ahmed H
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Phocomelia in an HIV infected baby: Case report
Udo JJ, Ochigbo SO, Ikpeme OE, Nlemadim TE
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Prune belly syndrome in a set of twins, a family tragedy: Case report
Audu LI, Mairami AB, Mukhtar-Yola M Otuneye AT Tahir LM, Papka NY, Mshelia LJ, Maitala H, Igoche MI Anyanwu PA , Jawa ZM
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Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia presenting as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in a Nigerian boy
Onubogu UC, Okoh BAN, Eke G, Joboy-okei EA
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Bronchial foreign body misdiagnosed as pulmonary tuberculosis
Oloyede IP, Ekpe E, Okorie OO
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Letter to the Editor
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